FAQ's About the Products

I know you've got some so let's see if I can give you some answers.

How do I get the templates after I purchase?

The templates come as fully layered, Photoshop files. Right after you place your order, and your paypal payment has been received, you will receive a link for download of the templates that you purchased. Please make sure you back up your files as soon as you receive them as The Design Boutique by Kristina Lynn will not supply replacement files if you happen to save over or lose the original files.

How do I get my template file to unzip?

Most times simply double clicking the downloaded zip file will be enough to unzip it so you can access the PSD files. However, a few of the books especially because of their size, were zipped using Stuffit. These files will end in a .sitx extension and you will need Stuffit Expander to unzip these files. Stuffit Expander is a free software that can be downloaded directly from their site here: http://www.stuffit.com/

What software do I need to edit the templates?

All the templates are designed in and for Adobe Photoshop CS and later. The files come as un-flattened, fully customizable PSDs that can be modified to your needs. Change the colors, fonts, text, layout...whatever you like! And as long as you have a basic knowledge of Photoshop (how to manipulate layers, text and images, use clipping masks etc.) you'll be able to use the templates without a problem. Have Photoshop Elements? Please contact us to place your order for Photoshop Elements compatible files.

Are the fonts included?

No, font files are not included with the templates. While some of the fonts used have been purchased, I generally use free fonts that I found on sites like dafont.com Each template does come with either a TheFontsUsed pdf file that contains names and links to the fonts used for easy download, or they font names are in a photoshop note inside the actual template. Looking for where to purchase fonts? Check out myfonts.com

Where's the best place to get my templates printed?

I personally use American Color Imaging for the majority of my printing but you can get yours printed anywhere - another pro photography lab, online printer, a local printer - wherever! Just make sure you check with whichever printer you choose to make sure the margins are correct and also to match their color profile. The Design Boutique by Kristina Lynn is not responsible for any printing errors. You'll also notice that I have expanded my template offerings to fit with other lab's product lines, and that information is noted in the description.

I like a certain design you have, but can I change the colors?

Most definitely! Unlike other templates that you can buy online, mine are fully layered psds allowing you to easily change the colors, rearrange the design, subtract elements, etc. Most times changing colors is as easy as double clicking on the layer in the layers palette and picking a new color with the dropper. Voila! The sky is the limit!

What is your return policy?

Due to the nature of the products, all purchases are final! If you have any questions, please contact me before you buy.

Also, please make sure to back up your template files as soon as you get them. I highly recommend you burn the original files to a CD or DVD right away. That way you don't accidentally save over the original! The Design Boutique by Kristina Lynn is not responsible for providing replacement files in the event that you lose your copy.